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Ebanflo Hamlet

In the north east of Newport County, Ebanflo is a fishing and agricultural village, rather a backwater.

The core of the village is a main street with a public house called The Red Roof Inn,a dozen houses, and a basic watch-tower house (manned by 2 soldiers). There is another cluster of dozen fisherman's houses and a dock a few hundred yards away at the mouth of the Flo River, and more farmhouses scattered out in the country.

Sir Wilfred is the magistrate and militia captain for the village. He has a manor house about a mile west of the village.

80% of the population are humans, 15% of the population are halflings of the Rusty Bottom Tribe that run the Viscount's local Ginster farm just south of the main village, the remaining 5% are Gnomes (including the innkeeper, Red Roof Humphries). About 300 people live in the countryside in 6, 1-mile, squares around the village, and about 120 in the main village and fisherman cluster.

Caer Smirken and The Maze of Forbiz Hugh (aka the Dwarf Hole) are each only 3-4 miles away. Occasionally, the villagers have difficulty with the nere-do-wells of Pigport.

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