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NEARBOG (Krondor X28)

The province of Nearbog (Krondor Map Square X28) is due north of The County of Newport, but is outside of the feudal overlordship of the Viscount. It is settled by a mixture of new human immigrant settlers and various non-human tribes and bands.

Geographic Features

  • THE SALT BOGS: there is a 16 square mile area in the north east, where the sea not-infrequently inundates the low-lying ground, making it a salty-bog.
  • BOGGY CREEK: a fast-running stream that flows from the central hills into the Salt Bogs
  • THE CENTRAL HILLS: a series of low hills that separate the south-west corner of the province from rest.
  • THE PINE WOOD: this thick pine forest in the north west of the province is home to a wood elf clan
  • BOG COVE: an inlet of the Eastern Sea that is sheltered by some raised places in the Salt Bogs.

Settlements and Lairs

  • Broadville: this is the largest settlement in the province, established 15 years ago by a knight named Sir Vinton Fist, it consists of a stone keep, a farming village and a stockade used for refuge during attacks. Vinton now calls himself Lord Fist and swears allegiance to no other lord (although the Viscount would dearly like his fealty as a stepping stone to advance his landholding). There are about 400 people living in the village, all of whom are Lord Vinton's yoemen vassals, paying him rent and farming the 8 or so clear squares south of the Boggy Creek. He can call up 120 commoner militia footmen (archers and spearmen) and keeps 12 professional guards and 3 household knights in his keep. He has a small Ginster berry plantation along the foot of the centrail hills.
  • Caer Randos: Lord Randos is a robber-baron who has a ramshackle keep with a ramshackle farming village in its shadow. He has a band of 40 guards who he uses to keep the 300 peasants in line and to raid various nearby neighbors and far-away targets. He and Lord Fist hate each other, but have a successful non-aggression treaty in place. Randos's favorite target is caravans bringing Ginster Berries to Newport. Randos's best 10 men are called the Wreckers and are cunning and particularly brutal.
  • Freysville: established by settlers 20 years ago, Freysville is a stockaded village of 300 people who farm the surrounding 8 squares. They have no lord, but elect a chieftain and a marshal to oversee the good order of the settlement. 100 militia men (mixture of guard and commoner quality, with a few veterans) can be assembled to defend the settlement. A young wizard named Boric lives in a tower-house in town and uses magic to help its defence.
  • Pigport: this is a small collection of huts and cottages where outlaws lie-low and the locals raise, slaughter and salt pigs to supply ships. It is rumored, of course, that pirates and smugglers are their main customers and that Ginster Smuggling deals are commonly made here. There are less than 100 permanent residents.
  • Flinton: this is the secure cave-hall of a dwarf gentleman named Flint and his family and retainers. While the population is only about 30 dwarves, it is very securely built and designed for defence. Flint is good friends with Skip Dwarverson, of All Things Dwarven in Newport.
  • Bend: Bend is a strongly-built road-side inn, a favorite of travelers, explorers and merchants. Since it is outside of the reach of the law, security rules are very strict. The quality and hospitality are good, but prices are about double standard. The operator is a retired half-elf owlbear hunter named Bald Lou. He is assisted by an almost useless satyr named Spanakopita.
  • Snappa: this is the unholy worship cavern and gathering place for the local Snappa Head orcs. There are always some orcs here, but at times there may be hundreds gathered for a raid or ceremony.
  • Treeble: The elves of the Pine Wood have their feasting hall here at Treeble. While the hundred or so wood elves of the province are usually wandering around the woods or beyond, at set points in the elf calendar, they will gather here.
  • Bog Hill: this place is cursed and deprecated by all the folk around. The most common story is that the Black Dragon of the Bog lives on this hill.
  • Boggins: a nasty village of lizard-men, outlaws, and probably crab-people.


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